Dylan Vente spoke to the media ahead of Saturday's Viaplay Cup semi-final against Aberdeen. Here's everything he had to say.

What are your memories of being involved in winning the Dutch Cup with Feyenoord?

“The Dutch Cup Final came when I was 18, I think. I had only played three games for the team, but I played in the semi-final. When we got to the final, Robert van Persie played instead of me. So that’s fair enough, I couldn’t really complain about being left on the bench! It was a still a nice experience, although we played it our own stadium, with the fans split half and half. That was strange, something I had never seen before. I don’t remember anything about the semi-final. I don’t even know who it was against! The semi-final here, you play at Hampden. In the Dutch Cup, the home team just plays at home. So, yeah, sorry. I don’t even remember the semi-final game!

Is this Hibs' best chance of winning a trophy this season?

“For many years now, Celtic or Rangers have been top of the Scottish league, winning the title. So the Cups are big for clubs like us. We know that tomorrow is a big chance to get a step closer to lifting a trophy. We have to do our job and do everything we can to win the game.

Have you been to Hampden before?

“I’ve been there once, to get the scan on my heart. That was like a month ago. I actually thought it was the Rangers stadium! Two days later someone here told me it was actually Hampden. I just went there to the sports clinic, to get the scan, but I didn’t get inside the changing rooms or go out to have a look at the pitch. It wasn’t possible for me to go and have a little look. I only really saw it from outside. So I’m really looking forward to finally getting on the pitch and playing there tomorrow. Let’s see what it brings.

Were occasions like this on your mind when you signed for Hibs?

"Of course, games like these, this is why I came to Hibs. As a player, everyone wants to be involved in big games like a semi-final. It’s huge for the team, big for the club. That’s why I came here, to play in games like this.

You hit a run of goals earlier this season, now it's been a few games without any - how do you cope with that as a striker?

“As a striker, sometimes scoring goals is like ketchup, you press on the bottle and everything falls out at once! And now the ketchup is empty! It’s not like I have had many chances, so it is not on my mind. I know if I get a chance in front of goal I have to be ready and have confidence in myself. I know I have to take it.

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"The last couple of games against Rangers and Celtic it’s not like I had any 100 per cent chances. That’s a little thing I think about more now, how I get those chances. That is what I am working on now and I know if I get the ball now I need to be ready.

Winning the Dutch Cup at 18, was it easy to assume every season was going to be like that?

“At Feyenoord at the time it was not like we won cups every year or were even in semi-finals. But I know this is a big game for the club and me as well. Those are the things you like as a player. For me, I’m really looking forward to it.

Win a cup here, and you could become a legend...

“That’s the dream scenario, eh? It starts with the team, we have to prepare well and do well and hope if you play well some players will step up with their individual class. It would be nice if I scored one or two goals tomorrow and we win. Let’s hope for it!

Have guys like Lewis Stevenson and Paul Hanlon been passing on their experience?

“Yeah, of course, we have Lewis and Paul who have been at the club a long time and also won the cup in 2016. So they are quite relaxed about it and helping bring that to some players, which is good. But as a football player you know what is coming.  I am only looking forward to it and I want to enjoy it and get everything out of the game I can.