• Main aim was to ensure a reaction to Sunday's result
  • Performance was good but 'doesn't fix anything'
  • Delighted Paul and Lewis could sign off with a home win and a clean sheet

A fitting tribute to Paul and Lewis?

“Exactly that. The message tonight was about the reaction from the weekend – and the motivation was to give the lads the send-off they deserved. They are two fantastic servants to the club, ultimate professionals. If there is a way to sign off, it’s with a 3-0 win at home.

“It’s always difficult to respond after a poor result and in circumstances where people have lost their jobs. It’s a tough time for everyone involved. But tonight was a reaction, it was about Lewis and Paul. And we got the result as worthy winners."

Does it remind people how good Hibs can be when everyone's together?

I think the fans were fantastic tonight, but nobody is shying away from the situation.

“That doesn’t fix anything tonight, that result and performance. Everyone knows that.  Everybody is responsible, everybody is involved in where we find ourselves this season. It’s not been good enough. 

“We need to follow up this performance against Livingston, a tough test away from home."

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How should Paul and Lewis be remembered in these parts?

“I’ve had the privilege of playing with both of them, working with both of them, for ten years and more. I go back even further with Lewis, to under-15s Scotland schoolboys, and Paul in the Scotland Under-17s and Under-19s.

“I’ve known them both a very long time. Everyone says the same things about them. No-one will ever say a bad word about them, because they’re ultimate professionals, how they conduct themselves every day. They’re outstanding role models, showing young players what professionalism looks like. They fully deserve tonight, they’ve had fantastic Hibs careers, and I’m just delighted they were able to go out like that."

They won't struggle for a beer around here, will they?

“They probably wouldn’t take it because they’re that professional - or boring! But absolutely not, they won’t struggle for a few drinks around here. And deservedly so.”

Was it emotional in the dressing room??

"Yeah, it was an emotional occasion. To spend that moment with their families as well who have lived through many highs and many lows with them at this club. I'm delighted for the two of them and everybody involved with them because they truly deserve it."

Was there a chance of Lewis taking the penalty?

"Definitely not! I was more concerned about him getting booked after five minutes but the fact he was never in danger of getting sent off highlights his level of professionalism.

In terms of the managerial position - have you any thoughts?

"Tonight is about Lewy and Paul. I'm not going to be drawn into any of that. The club will decide what they want to do moving forward. I've been asked to prepare the team for tonight and then my attention turns towards Livingston on Sunday and I'm sure there will be conversations after that."

The club's appointed Malky Mackay as sporting director - what can he bring?

I know him well, I've met him a few times. I think it's a very good appointment. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, especially in Scotland and England. I think he'll be a real good addition to the football department.

"I think knowledge of Scottish football is very important because it's a difficult league, very challenging and demanding. This is such a fantastic football club and the demands to work and play here are really high, and rightly so. The pressure is always there and having that extra understanding of how the league is, understanding the players that are successful in the league and the ones that maybe struggle, the more insight you have of that is a benefit."