Top line summary

  • 'Confusion' over multiple VAR checks
  • Feels players don't get communication from officials
  • Celebration a response to social media stick last week
  • Admits Hibs can't afford to drop any more points

Martin Boyle spoke to the media after Hibs' 2-2 draw at Aberdeen. Here's everything the winger had to say...

What was your view on all the VAR checks?

“I had no idea what was going on half the time. It’s just so stop-start, a bit chaotic. The stoppages are not ideal for anyone, especially when you have 10 minutes at the end. If they’ve made the right call, then happy days. But there’s nothing we can do. We just have to get on with it."

Did you fear a repeat of the semi-final with your goal?

“I was a wee bit worried, yeah. Obviously, I did my celebration and then thought: ‘Oh, not again.’ But I was hoping I got it right. I didn’t want any more mistakes. So I just hoped I’d got it right and they’d made the right call this time. I’m happy to be contributing to goals again."

Explain that celebration...

“If you had seen my Twitter this week, you will have seen that I was getting a bit of abuse. But I like that interaction with the fans. It’s a bit of banter, at the end of the day. It just wasn’t funny when we then conceded a couple of minutes later. The boys all showed great character to come back. And I’m happy to be contributing to the team again. But, overall, we know we need to start winning games.'

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“I would probably say it’s a good point, on reflection. They had chances, David Marshall had to go off, JoJo Wollacott made a couple of good saves, there were VAR decisions … it’s all a bit up in the air. The pitch wasn’t the best. But there are no excuses. I thought we scored two great goals. But, if we defend like that, we are going to concede goals. There’s nothing we can do now but take the point and prepare for Dundee next weekend."

Was it a penalty for the Nicky Devlin handball?

“It’s been mentioned a few times. I’ve not actually seen it, and it all happened so quick. If the referee hasn’t gone to VAR, there is nothing we can do, if they don’t see it in real time."

What happens on the pitch when there’s a check going on?

“I’m just looking around, to be honest. The referee just goes off, he’s pointing at his ear. We don’t really know what’s going on. I mean, I know they’re checking multiple things that happened before the incident. There’s a lot going on. And it adds up to 10 minutes of injury time, because we’ve been waiting around for five minutes at a time. Obviously the goal being awarded is great. We get the goal. If they make the right call, happy days."

In rugby they get it patiently explained to them…

“Nah. Nothing. We just get told to bugger off! I don’t know what they’re speaking about. It’s just mental. But, if the right calls are being made, fair play. The game could play on, things are called back, players are confused. If the right calls are being made, fair play. If mistakes are still creeping in, it’s not ideal."

Does the team really need to start winning to make the top six?

“You’re right. I said it last week, as well. We need to start winning games. We can’t afford to be dropping many more points. We’ve got a good game next weekend to hopefully start winning. I think the squad is stronger with everyone back from international duty – and we’ve made signings. I feel like the manager has a headache now. The squad depth is there. At the moment, the boys are training well, keeping everyone on their toes – if you’re not performing, someone will take that opportunity. I feel like the substitutes have made a real impact over the last few game,s so they’re obviously itching to get that starting jersey. Training will be tough again this week, with all the boys scrapping for that place.”