Given they probably don't want a big fuss, you do wonder how Paul Hanlon and Lewis Stevenson might feel about the prospect of Chris Cadden shedding a tear at their big send-off.

They can rest easy in the knowledge that Cadden had tongue placed firmly in cheek (or did he?) when asked just how emotional it's going to be when Easter Road says goodbye to a pair of club legends, but even if it's not him going all glassy eyed, there will be plenty who are.

Two Hibs careers spanning a combined 35 years now just have a week remaining, and although Hanlon and Stevenson have done an admirable job keeping out of the limelight until now, they won't be able to escape being the centre of attention over these final few appearances in green and white. Cadden, though, says it's only right that a duo who have pulled on the shirt over 1000 times between them get every bit of appreciation that comes their way.

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“I think it will be more emotional when we’re right at the end of the season and it’s the last time they’ll play for Hibs," said the right-back. “We have the Player of the Year awards that night too. I’ll be crying probably, I don’t know about them! 

“They won’t want to be the centre of attention, they prefer to keep out of the limelight.  They are more about keeping the head down and working hard - that’s why they have done so well in their careers. 

“They’re both humble and don’t want a big fuss made of them.  I think there should be a massive fuss, but they’d prefer not to have that and just spend time with their families. 

“The other day it was more when I went home and saw the reaction that Paul and Stevo got. Paul has said he didn’t expect it, his phone blew up.  I saw the messages they were getting and then the videos the club put out about the pair of them."

Reluctant heroes they may be, but there's been nothing apprehensive about how they have conducted themselves on the pitch for Hibs. Despite all the quips about dodging the publicity, Cadden is unequivocal about the importance of their leadership within the dressing room.

He says Hanlon isn't averse to dishing out 'a few bollockings' - of which he has been on the receiving end - that perhaps aren't in Stevenson's make-up. But where they both stand apart from the rest is in setting standards for others to follow, every day, for decades.

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“I have had a few bollockings from Paul a few times, he’ll let you know if there’s something he’s got to say," Cadden laughed. “I’ve not had it so much with Lewis because he’s the other side of the pitch, but the pair of them have been huge on standards here. 

“That’s every single day, not just in games, how they conduct themselves about the place day-in-day-out.  They are leaders and have been brilliant, I can’t underestimate how big they have been for me."

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Their departure creates a leadership void that others must now fill. With a summer of significant change on the horizon, it's over to others to set those same Hanlon-Stevenson standards for whomever arrives at Easter Road in the months to come. At 27, Cadden isn't exactly an old head, but is ready to play his part in a period which, despite the desire for overhaul, will still require some level of continuity.

“It’s going to be tough but there are good people in the dressing-room, the likes of Joe Newell, Jordan Obita and others," said Cadden. “Obviously I am one of the senior ones now too, so we all have to play our part in it.  There are a lot of good characters in the building and while Paul and Lewis will be a big loss because they’re such important figures here, there are others capable of stepping up and taking on that role."